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Lisa Marie Kocsis

Lisa Marie Kocsis

About Lisa Marie Kocsis

Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa's philosophy to a quality life is built around fitness. Movement and proper diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Take control of your fitness NOW!

Lisa specializes in custom-tailored programming to address your specific needs and goals, so be sure to contact her for your complimentary 30-minute fitness assessment.


Lisa Marie Kocsis

Individualized Personal Training

Lisa Marie Kocsis offers a tailor-made training regimen. We have different needs based on natural asymmetries that occur in our bodies. Training should address those needs in each specific client.

NYC Presonal Training | Lisa Marie Kocsis - GlobalOneHealth.com
Nutrition Presonal Training | Lisa Marie Kocsis - GlobalOneHealth.com

Nutrition Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified NYC Personal Trainer Midtown East & Upper East areas. Lisa Marie Kocsis designs and coaches individual diet plans to meeet peronal needs or goals.

Kettlebell Certified Presonal Trainer | Lisa Marie Kocsis - GlobalOneHealth.com

Kettlebell Certified

Strong First Kettlebell Certified NYC Personal Trainer Midtown East & Upper East areas. Lisa Marie Kocsis emphasizes proper form and technique for all clients during all kettlebell exercises.

Jan Stark

"I have worked with Lisa for 8 years and she has kept my maturing body toned and healthy. Her in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system has proven vital in times of stress or injury. In addition, she's fun to work with!"

Ned Morgens

"I’ve had my share of trainers—over a dozen for sure over the past 4o years. I’ve trained with Lisa Kocsis for the past 8 years. Lisa knows anatomy down to the smallest of muscles and body mechanics which have kept both my strength and flexibility at a level that belies my age. I turned 76 this past June and feel like I did at 50."

Rachel Thorn

Lisa is a Pilates instructor and trainer extraordinaire. She customizes each workout in order to encourage and challenge you. She explains where the muscles you're using are located and teaches you how to maximize your training to reach your goals. Passionate about her clients and their physical empowerment, she is the only Pilates instructor for me. Train with her, and I guarantee you'll feel the same.

Jenifer Brooks

"Lisa has been amazing in helping me stay fit and strong through pregnancy and postpartum. I've been working with her for more than 10 years. She does a great job of changing things up and always brings new ideas to our workouts. Best of all, Lisa really understands mind-body balance."

Lisa Marie Kocsis Personal Trainer | Health & Fitness (917) 371.6333